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"Very good vitamins. Great taste not bitter. Great price and quantity. Kids love them, me too. Will definitely buy again."

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Vegan Sambucus Elderberry Gummies for Kids with Zinc & Vitamin C: Antioxidant, Immune Support Vitamins, Supports Immune System Health, Great Winter Cold and Flu Remedy: Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Gelatin Free, & Delicious Berry Flavor.  270 Children's Gummies.

 Ranked as one of the best elderberry supplements  on  "Health Cares"

✅ NATURALLY STRENGTHEN YOUR KID’S DEFENSES: With Yummy Boost Vegetarian Black Elderberry Kid’s Gummies, Made From Powerhouse Antioxidant Ingredients And Immune Support Vitamins Including Elderberry, Zinc And Vitamin C To Help Fight Off Free Radicals That Can Damage Cells And Impact Immune Health. Made With Plant-based Pectin - No Gelatin, No Fructose Corn Syrup, Gluten Free - Natural Ingredients, 90 Gummies, 3 Months Supply.

✅ 3-IN-1 IMMUNE BOOST ELDERBERRY WITH VITAMIN C & ZINC: 3 Layers Of Support For Healthy Immune Function.* Why Pick One When Your Child Can Enjoy The Power Of Triple Action Immune Blend Black Elderberry Extract, A Potent Antioxidant Extract That Helps Support Immune System Health, With Immunity Boosters Vitamin C And Zinc - 3-in-1 Immunity Boosting Elderberry Gummies.

✅ DELICIOUS NUTRITIONAL GOODNESS INSPIRED BY ANCIENT WISDOM: Year-round Once-a-Day Immune Support Specially formulated for kids Delicious berry-flavored gummies, bursting with benefits: made with fruit pectin to give our gummies their soft, springy texture. Delicious flavor, vegetarian, and powerful immune support for kids, with recommended dosing for children ages 4 and older (1 gummy daily).

✅ COMPREHENSIVE IMMUNE SUPPORT FOR YOUR CHILD: Created By Doctors Who Are Mothers With Their Babies At Heart. We Know The Challenge Of Getting Our Little Ones To Eat Enough Vegetables & Fruits. Get Them The Nutrition They Need To Stay Healthy In Yummy Boost Made With Black Elderberries Extract Standardized To Bioactives (flavonoids) Traditionally Used As A Winter Remedy For Immune Support. A Powerful Antioxidant To Help Your Kid’s Body Healthy, Balanced, And Functioning Properly.*

✅ KIDS & PARENTS APPROVED GUARANTEED BENEFICIAL GOODNESS: We Guarantee Freshness, Quality, And Effectiveness For All Our Gummy Supplements. Feel Safe And Secure Because All Gummies Are Made In The USA, In GMP-certified Facilities And Are 3rd Party Tested. Not As Satisfied As We Are; Just Let Us Know And You Will Receive 100% Refund Or Exchange No Questions Asked.


If you are a parent like us, you struggle to get enough vitamins, nutrients, omegas, minerals, natural fibers, enzymes, probiotics, vegetables, and fruits to your little ones. That is why we have created nutritional goodness that your kids will love in all-natural, organic, vegetarian gummies, healthy made easy for little people with big possibilities.

Don’t leave your child exposed this winter and all year round. Even the healthiest and best eater sometimes gets the sniffles and sick. Get YUMMY BOOST and give your kid the healthy advantage they need for immune support and critical body functions.

Our Yummy Boost offers 3 crucial vitamins and minerals that can help boost immunity. Zinc and Vitamin C, when combined with natural elderberry, provide an added 3 layers of immune defense.

Elderberries are very high in antioxidants and can fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. These antioxidants can help your kid’s body remain balanced and working well. The dark berries of European black elder (Sambucus nigra L.) have been used as a winter remedy for immune support for centuries.*

Vitamin C and Zinc not only play critical roles in maintaining a healthy immune system, but they are also known to promote firm and healthy-looking skin. Vitamin C can protect collagen and elastin of the skin, while zinc can promote connective tissues, an important factor in maintaining skin health.


💚 Offers 3-way immune boost*

💚 Help reduce oxidative stress*

💚 Promotes healthy skin*

💚 Promotes collagen production*

💚 Help reduce symptoms of seasonal ailments*

💚 Supports whole-body balance*

💚 Delicious Berry Flavor that your kid will love

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